Ancillary Examination System (AES)

We have worked with Network Rail’s Intelligent Infrastructure (II) department to build a digital examination platform to enable examiners to capture the location and condition of every signal post, gantry and electrical box in the country. Data is instantly uploaded to a reviewing platform for engineers to review and sign off.

A signal post collapsed due to heavy corrosion of the base. Although the signal posts are subject to annual visual examinations the main area of corrosion was under the ballast. As a consequence of an investigation by RAIB, four recommendations were addressed to Network Rail and covered the management and examination of signal structures and their resistance to such failures.

AES has been designed by NR as an examination system for all ancillary assets including Signal posts, gantries and location boxes.

  • The only ancillary examination system currently specifically designed by NR to close out the RAIB.
  • Can be used on-site on Android or iOS.
  • The data is saved in real-time allowing the reviewer STE2/STE1 to have instant access to the reports anywhere in the world.
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Ancillary Examination System (AES)

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