Fatigue Management

Accurately calculate the fatigue of your staff. Working with industry experts we have built a fatigue management tool for all on-site staff which calculates the potential fatigue against the actual.

Fatigue is a decline in the mental and/or physical performance of employees that results from prolonged hours. Research suggests that some working patterns result in less fatigue than others and by taking advantage of the more favourable patterns and allowing sufficient recovery time it is possible to balance the requirements of both the workplace and the employee.

Our fatigue management system has been built around the Network Rail standard of fatigue management which has been recently updated. This fatigue management function can also be applied to transport and any other industry whilst adapting it to their needs. It takes real-time fatigue results against every user based on when they leave their house and when they return home giving an accurate fatigue score. The software allows you to plan shifts to see how employee fatigue impacts work over the course of the shift pattern. Once planned, and used, the real-time fatigue updates the individual's fatigue score meaning if a shift is shorter than planned the employee is shown to be more rested and if the shift Is longer the employee is shown to be more fatigued.

Using real-time fatigue not only means you have an accurate fatigue score but it also allows companies to create efficiencies in the planning and team deployment. This saves companies money and offers the ability to be within legal bounds.

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Fatigue Management

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