Vegetation Asset Management System (VAMS)

Plot the location of your trees and vegetation on-site using mobile devices. Carry out surveys on the trees including Ash Dieback, BS5837, TEF3077 (Tree Hazard) and TEF3076 (Leaf Fall Risk Assessment).


Network Rail has >6M trees on the network. Although these trees play a huge part and vital role in connecting fragmented wildlife habitats across our countryside, reducing disturbance to our neighbours, and capturing carbon they also need a great deal of management.

There are several standards which cover the management of vegetation. Historically these have never been digitised.


VAMS is a digital platform which enables arboriculture inspectors to collect information about trees, vegetation and disease.

Unique Selling Point

  • Designed to the Network Rail Standard: TEF/3076 and TEF/3077.
  • VAMS is the only end-to-end vegetation examination system created by Network Rail. It has been designed over the past 3 years by Examiners, Engineers, and Managers.
  • All inspected trees are plotted on a GIS platform with an accuracy of up to 500mm.
  • Can be used on-site on Android or iOS.
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Vegetation Asset Management System (VAMS)

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