Structure Examination System (SES)

This product enables you and your team to digitally plan and examine all your structures. Live updates send the exam in real-time to the engineer. We have >250K structures in the system.

Network Rail realised the need to digitise all their civil examinations. Pole Star was selected to provide the digital solution. 

SES has been designed by Network Rail to deliver the end-to-end examination. It mirrors the existing processes to ensure the users are familiar.

  1. Examinations are planned and uploaded to the system to send the right exams to the right examiners in the field.
  2. All defects and recommendations are synced to the examination.
  3. Examiners complete the examination on the handset reviewing all open defects and recommendations.
  4. Complete examinations are sent in real-time to the reviewing website.
  5. Engineers review the completed examination creating recommendations and either accepting or rejecting the exam.
  6. The ADM uploads the completed examination to CARRS.
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Structure Examination System (SES)

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