A complete end to end maintenance management system. Add the maintenance your require, tender it to a select group, award and manage it until it is complete.

Network Rail uses a tendering platform called Monitor. The platform is good for tendering but does not have the entire end-to-end recommendation to completion process built in. This means that additional process are put in place to complete jobs creating inefficiencies.

Work Delivery is an end-to-end system which take the recommendation and processes the work through the system to completion.

There are many stages to the system:

  1. The recommendations are initially uploaded to the system.
  2. Site Manager reviews the work on site and turn the recommendation into scoped items
  3. The scoped items are accepted and sent to a selected number of contractors to tender.
  4. The contractors review the work and give a price and start date.
  5. The delivery manager awards the contract. All contractors are informed if they are awarded or not.
  6. The contractor starts work and uses the original scoped items to close out with a photo and details.
  7. If the contractor needs an EOT or variation it is raised int the system
  8. The contractor complete daily reports and site photos
  9. Planned general inspections are built into the system for site managers.
  10. Once the job is complete, they close the job n the system ready for acceptance by the delivery manager.
  • Work Delivery is the only end-to-end structures examination system created by Network Rail. It has been designed over the past 3 years by Delivery managers, Site Mangers with input from contractors.
  • Can be used onsite on Android or iOS.
  • The data is saved in real time allowing allparties to see live progress.
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