We build a digital dashboard to allow you to centralise all your data in one place.

The train, which was carrying kerosene, gas oil and diesel, came off the rails south of Stewarton on 27 January 2009. The Rail Accident Investigation Branch said corrosion in the bridge's girders meant it could not support heavy loads.  Its report criticises Network Rail's maintenance regime for the bridge and says corrosion went unidentified. Six of the 10 wagons came off the rails during the incident and some caught fire, causing flames to shoot 50ft into the air. Powerlines were also brought down and the nearby A735 was closed. It took the emergency services several hours to bring the fire under control. The resultant leakage of fuel contaminated local waterways, causing harm to wildlife.

Network Rail has 13 systems available to be able to review a single structure:
ADS, BCMI, CARRS, CIV028, LEVEL0, HCE, Scour, VeRa, BRIDGET, VANDA, ALARM, ADIPS, Policy on a page 

AED pulls together all 13 NR systems into one dashboard to allow an engineer to review all parts of every bridge.

Unique Selling Point

  • A NR specifically designed tool.  It is the only tool that centralises all the structures.

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